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Regular Jerky Great tasting jerky going back to the days when jerky was depended upon as a mainstay. Our regular jerky is sliced from whole beef rounds, then marinated with our very special spices so that it is not spicy but just right to give it that real old home taste. There are no preservatives and only three tablespoons of salt are used in a 25 pound batch of jerky. As with each flavor of our jerky, we promise it to be the best that money can buy. Ingredients
For 1/2 lb. of Regular
For 1 lb. of Regular
Spicy Jerky Our best selling jerky, not hot, but with just enough spices to make it the best jerky you have ever tried. Our jerky is air dried, with a shelf life of up to 1 year and is a great snack that is good for you as well as being delicious. Our jerky requires no refrigeration, is very easy to transport, and can be used as a snack, to flavor other foods, a high protein diet, or a great survival food source. Ingredients
For 1/2 lb. of Spicy
For 1 lb. of Spicy
Ol Time Jerky Quite a few folks wanted a jerky with a bite, without being HOT like our hot jerky, so I went back to an old family recipe used when we made our own bacon and cured it in the smokehouse. It is a black pepper recipe, which is a little warm with lots of flavor without burning up all your taste buds. Ol Time will make some of the best fat free gravy you have ever tried, throw a few pieces into a pot of beans and you will think you are out on the trail under a star lit sky. Ingredients
For 1/2 lb. Ol Time
For 1 lb. of Ol Time
Hot Jerky Hot is for those folks who know "No Fear" and like things real spicy. We use several different peppers and spices to make a jerky that is not for the faint of heart. I have been told from time to time that it is not real hot, but if it "aint", man I don't want to try some that is. One thing that you can be sure of, if you like things hot and spicy, you will love our hot beef jerky. Ingredients
For 1/2 lb. of Hot
For 1 lb. of Hot

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